Here is a list of all the poems included on this website. You will find uncollected poems as well as poems from two of my books, Snow White Learns Witchcraft and Songs for Ophelia. If you would like to share any of these poems, take a look at the permissions statement below.

Uncollected poems:

All Night Long
Apple Orchard, The
Archaeologist, The
Art of Loss, The
Artist’s Wife, The
As the Days Pass
Avalanche, The
Ballet, The
Bat-Woman, The
Budapest, August 20, 2021
Bug: An Epitaph, The
Certainty of Work, The
Christmas Night
Cinder Girl Burns Brightly, The
Cold Morning, A
Country of Myself, The
Crabs, The
Crazy Ones, The
Egg in Twelve Scenes, The
Fairies’ Gifts, The
Falcon, The
Feeding the Small Gods
Forest, The
Fox Wife, The
Furnishing My Grave
Gray Catbird, The
Gray Lands, The
Guinevere and Lancelot
Haunting, The
Head of Aphrodite
Hellebore, The
House of Night, The
How Raven Made His Bride
I Have Walked Alone
Important Question, An
Interesting Question, An
Invisible Letters
Iris, The
King of the Lake, The
Kreagra, The
Lady Winter
Language of Flowers, The
Lesson Learned from a Sidewalk
Life I Wanted, The
Madeleine in the Bois d’Amour
Man Reading About Munkácsy, The
Me and the Moon
Mere King, The
Mermaid’s Lament, The
Morning After, The
Mother Night
Mountain, The
Mulberry Trees, The
My Ghosts
My Pajamas Have Pockets
Mysterious Miss Tickle, The
My Winter Garden
Nonsense Sonnet
Oak Trees, The
On Beauty
On the Topic of Love
One of Those Days
Photograph, The
Photographer, The
Pledge, A
Poem in Triple Time
Poet and the Poem, The
Poetry, Damn It
Princess and the Peas, The
Purple Iris, The
Question and Answer
Quiet Woman, The
Rabbits or Tulips
Realization, A
Red Lilies, The
Resolution, The
Restoring Old Paintings
Rhododendrons, The
Room of Her Own, A
She Speaks Her Mind
Sister Immaculata
Snowdrops, The
Someday, Lilacs Will Bloom on Your Grave
Sorceress in the Tower, The
Sound of Rain, The
Spring Poem
Sun and Moon
Swan Girls
Tam Lin Remembers the Fairy Queen
Taxonomy of Storms, A
Tell Me Your Name
That Sort of Day
Thief, The
Thieves, The
Thoughts While Sitting on Top of a Cliff in Ireland
To a Friend I Have Not Seen for a Long Time
To Be a Woman
Today, I Joined the Resistance
Tooth, The
Two Cities
Valentine’s Day
Waltz, The
Wanderer, The
Water Lilies, 1907
What Galatea Said
What the Queen Said
When You Have Lost Yourself
Why I Write Poetry
Why You Might Be a Witch
Wild Heart
Wish, A
Witch-Girls, The
Witch’s Cat, The
Words, The
Your House
Your Letters

Poems first collected in Snow White Learns Witchcraft:

Bear’s Wife, The
Clever Serving-Maid, The
Diamonds and Toads
Girl, Wolf, Woods
Goldilocks and the Bear
Gold-Spinner, The
How to Make It Snow
In the Snow Queen’s Castle
Mirror, Mirror
Mr. Fox
Nightingale and the Rose, The
Ogress Queen, The
Princess and the Frog, The
Red Shoes, The
Sensitive Woman, The
Snow White Learns Witchcraft
Stepsister’s Tale, The
Thorns and Briars

Poems first collected in Songs for Ophelia:

As I Was Walking
Autumn, the Fool
Autumn’s Song
Bal Macabre
Bear’s Daughter, The
Beauty to the Beast
Changeling, The
Death and the Maiden
Dirge for a Lady
Education, An
Elf King’s Daughter, The
Fairy Tale
Frost, The
Gentleman, The
Ghost, The
Green Man
I Knew a Woman
Isolde in the Forest
Marshes, The
Morning Song
Nymphs Finding the Head of Orpheus
Ophelia Cantos, The
Phantom Lover, The
Raven Poem
River’s Daughter, The
Ruined Cathedral, The
Shoes of Bark
Snow, The
Spring Song
Storm, A
Vivian to Merlin
Willow’s Story, The
Witch’s Warning, The
What Her Mother Said
What the Ogre Said


Readers sometimes ask if they can share my poetry. The answer is yes: you may repost the poems on this site as long as you do not change them, you attribute them to me, and you link back to this site in your post. However, you may not sell or otherwise commercialize them in any way without my written permission.