The Bug: An Epitaph

The Bug: An Epitaph
by Theodora Goss

I feel as though I should write a poem
to the bug I flushed down the toilet
who had so many legs
so many
and whom if I were being more romantic
or literary I would call an insect.
But to me he was a bug
that I scooped up in bunched
toilet paper and flushed,
although he probably didn’t deserve
such disrespectful treatment
simply for walking across
the rug in my bedroom.

I couldn’t help it — the legs.
Just as now I can’t help
feeling guilty.

But I also feel strongly
that everyone, even a bug,
deserves an epitaph.

Illustration of Insects

(The illustration is a vintage poster of North American insects. The particular bug mentioned in the poem is not on the poster. It had many more legs.)

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4 Responses to The Bug: An Epitaph

  1. Karen A Peltier says:

    Theodora: I like this poem very much. I always feel awful for having to kill bugs. I always say a prayer for them and ask that they get to the Other Side quickly. It’s good that you wrote him an epitaph. Keep up your wonderful writing. Blessings,

    Karen Peltier


    • Karen, I’m the same way! I always feel bad . . . When I can, I just take them outside, and I always sort of apologize for what I’m doing! I figure, an insect has as much right to live as I do. 🙂

  2. Belinda says:

    With you on this – I try really hard to not kill insects and work on seeing the beauty in all of Creation.

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