by Theodora Goss

What is it about being made into a harp,
your bones as smooth as poplar, about being strung
with your own hair, golden or black or brown,
that presents such an appropriate allegory
for being a woman, and therefore an instrument
of fathers, husbands, or sons? Or is it rather
an allegory for being a poet, which is
a different thing altogether, I like to think,
although poetry can command you like a father,
berate you like a husband, and abandon
you like any number of sons?

The Charmer by John William Waterhouse

(The painting is The Charmer by John William Waterhouse. This poem was published in my collection Songs for Ophelia.)

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2 Responses to Binnorie

  1. Sandy says:

    This speaks to me as I am getting a divorce. My bones are tired. So very tired. Wow. Your words are a gift. Thank you.

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