by Theodora Goss

I have come this morning to bring you some news:
the lilacs are blooming.

When you walk along the street, you can smell them —
their fragrance floats in the air like a scarf
around the neck of a beautiful woman
named Spring.

(The image is The Lilac Tree by Ferdinand Hodler.)

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3 Responses to Lilacs

  1. The blooming of lilacs are a time of rejoicing for me. I wait for the first time I can bury my nose in a cluster of their fragrant flowers — it is my Lilac Moment. I will indulge as often as I can, but the first time I dive in is always special, sacred and spring affirming.

  2. It is near Winter here yet the Lilac
    Blooms twice a year and should be out soon. I do not have a tree but a large bush and creeper of it. It scents creeping along the fence entwining itself in the trees with its delicate hues. It is beautiful.

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